Summit X3 Double

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Summit X3 Double

What if there  is a double stroller which can be used on any terrain and at the same time be convenient and equipped with a lock that has just to be flipped in order to lock it? That would definitely be great and the Summit X 3 double comes with these unique features.


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Let us go through the unique features of summit X 3 which makes it a very good option to purchase

Adjustable locking system

The lock is placed at an elevated level i.e on the handle bar making it very convenient to operate. Just a snap of a finger and the front wheel can be locked. This makes it very easy to operate. While running or brisk jogging it can be locked instantly and in the same way it can be unlocked while walking. This is possible while the stroller is in motion without stopping it.

Enhanced control


The front wheel as described above can be controlled with just a flip. Also the two back wheels can be used by applying the hand brakes. This manual way of dealing with the stroller makes it a versatile product that can be operated manually and mechanically. A better control over the stroller can definitely result in the best performance.


Easy reclinability of seats

The seats of this stroller are very soft and made with a very soft cushion. Hence it gives optimum comfort to the kid. Moreover, they can be made flat thereby making it convenient for the child to sleep. Not only this, the stroller also has a vented covering which can be adjusted to give free flow of air within the stroller and also be adjusted as per the weather.


Excellent foldability and storage

The best feature of Summit X 3 is that it gets folded and unfolded very easily. This is without any strain and stress.  The only product to have receive the patent rights for adopting Quick-fold technology, where it can be folded and unfolded just in one single step thereby giving a monopolistic characteristic to the product.


Other features making the product more unique and exclusive

There is a specialized sun canopy for protecting a child with peek a boo windows that gives a lot of attraction to the child. At the back of the seats, there is a huge storage compartment for things to kept in it which in turn relieves a lot of tension. The five point control straps with a safe shoulder pads gives an additional safety  to the child. The weight capacity of this stroller is 100 pounds which is  more than what  is required to manage two kids.


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As a car seat it cannot accept all the accessories barring one or two. One of the parents said that due to numerous sidewalks in urban area she would prefer tyres which could inflate. One of the buyers felt that the weight management of this stroller was improper as the maximum weight fell on the rear tyres.



Although there are quite reviews which are not in favour of this stroller, there are unique features like the quick fold patented technology, most appropriateness for the people living in hilly areas, the top coverings which are very convenient and comfortable. These features make the product use worthy.


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