Joovy Scooter X 2

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Joovy Scooter X 2

Would you like to own a double stroller that gives pleasure by just seeing it and makes you stress  free with its features? Then the answer lies in Joovy Scooter X 2. It is a bit inconvenient to fold a double stroller but it becomes a burden free task when you don’t have to ask the kids to get down or lift them when you need to pass through narrow gateways. This main feature of Joovy  scooter X2 makes a very good option to purchase it.


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 Why purchasing a Joovy Scooter X 2 would be a good option?

Easy pass-through, through any door

It is really tiresome to lift the kids while you need to pass through any door. Joovey Scooter comes as a great relief as just with a one hand fold, it can be passed through any door be it a narrow one also. Despite being a side by side double stroller its width is only 30”. This makes it possible to pass through.

 Light weight but strongly built

The total weight of this double stroller is just 28.1 pounds but despite this fact it can carry a total weight of 90 pounds make it very firm. It can be handled with a single hand one fold and this makes it very easy to handle. It is most suitable even for two big kids.

 Firmness due to wheeling system and sealed bearings

One of the important features of a double stroller is that the kid should be able to get out of it and should be able to return back himself and this is possible in Joovy Scooter X 2. As this stroller is equipped with two wheels, it is quite firm and cannot harem the kid in any manner. This makes the functioning of this double stroller highly safe and secure. The chances of slipping and falling accidents would not be there as the bumper bar is easily removable. This further relieves a lot of tension.


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 Flexible seating with maximum recumbence

One of the highlighting features of Joovy Scooter X 2 is that the seats are recumbent and can be leaned in any position. Even flatly for the kid to sleep. This flexibility ensures that the kid is comfortable and can be in any position as per his comfort level.  Not only that, each seat can be adjusted individually without the other  getting perturbed.

 Added features that would make the use of Joovy Scooter X 2 more memorable

The covering of the stroller is extremely convenient as it gives full protection to the kid from sun, rain and excessive wind. As the fabric used is of very good quality. Many things can be stored conveniently in this stroller other than those that belong to the kids. There are two pockets which can be zipped after keeping cell phones, wallets, keys, lunch boxes and other such items. There is a special slot available as cupholders so that they can be kept there.

 Customer reviews

Many customers who are either parents or caregivers prefer this stroller over others because of many reasons mainly being the lightweight despite the capacity of carriage of 90 pounds of weight, easy and convenient maneuverability, wider seating with a lot of storage facilities, excellent and protective covering and the adjustability of the bumper bar.


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Just as every coin has two sides, the Joovey Scooter X 2 has some loopholes according to some parents saying that though the bumper bar is adjustable it cannot be adjusted height  wise. The slots where the bottles can be stored are not big enough for storing bigger bottles. The foot rests  do not have a lock system as mentioned in the manual.  One of them even remarked that this strollers can not run around hence double joggers are preferable to this.


The benefits and the utility of Joovy Scooter definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The inconveniences can be neglected  as they are not very grave and the utility of this product can be put to maximum, by the parent or the caregiver. The added features of this product can make life very stress free and less bothering.


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