InStep Safari SwivelWheel Jogger

Do you need a baby stroller that can let you jog with your little one? InStep Safari SwivelWheel Jogger will accommodate your needs! It is a baby stroller in vibrant colors with modern design.

As its name implies, it is an ideal baby stroller for long walks along the street as well as healthy jogs in the park. With the 16-inch wheels, InStep Safari SwivelWheel Jogger provides smooth rides for your child even along the seriously rugged and uneven terrain. For the purpose of ensuring the safety of your child during the rides, this sporty type baby stroller is fabricated with a five-point safety harness and a handbrake for better control of the stroller, especially when you are jogging along the parkway.

To assure the ultimate comfort for the infant, this baby stroller is fabricated with a protective canopy shade, which is capable of shielding your infant from excessive sunlight or hazardous elements. The seat of the stroller is reclining in an optimum position, where your infant can comfortably relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Besides the comfort it offers to your child, this baby stroller offers you invaluable convenience day in and day out. InStep Safari SwivelWheel Jogger has a lightweight frame that can be folded at ease for storage or traveling. In addition, its handlebar is fully padded, which gives the parents a soft and comfortable grip while strolling down the street.

There is also a storage compartment behind the seat for keeping some of your baby’s belongings. Last but not least, this baby stroller is also equipped with a parent tray, which is particularly useful in keeping water bottles, keys, cell phones and so forth.

It is hard to get a suitable baby stroller for sports activities. InStep Safari SwivelWheel Jogger is an ideal option for the choices of jogging strollers!