Graco Duoglider Folding Double Baby Stroller

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Graco Duoglider Folding Double Baby Stroller

How about a double stroller which is most suitable for growing babies, where even if the height of the baby increases, the stroller need not change. A stroller where rigorous tests have been taken to ensure its safety and security. Where the installation is also very easy and operation of the stroller is also simplified. This is the Graco Duoglider Folding Double Baby Stroller.


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Listed below are the features of this stroller

Adaptable Accessories

This stroller seems to be the most adaptable as it has the capacity of accepting two infant car seats. The best part is that along with this stroller you get one car seat absolutely free. Incase another one is needed then buy only one.  This also encourages full value for your hard earned money.

Comfortable Movements

The kid can be comfortably move in this stroller as per his choice. First of all the seats can be leaned backwards without affecting another seat. Secondly, in case the child wants to stand, he can do so by just applying a one hand fold. The back seat can lean flat making it extra comfortable for the kid at the back.

Excellent Wheeling arrangement

This stroller has front wheels which can easily move around making its external movements very flexible.  Moreover the movements of the wheels are very smooth making it a delight for the parent or caregiver to use it.

Rigorous tests to prove credibility

One of the important concerns of the parents is that the double stroller that they choose should ensure complete safety and security to the child. The Graco duoglider definitely scores higher on this aspect. It has been permitted after rigorous tests were taken to make sure that it is safe and protective for the kid. Apart from this also the side impact testing was carried for the infant whose weight would be anywhere between 4 to 30 lbs and height 30 inches.

Extra features making it a very beneficial product

There is a stay in car base which makes it convenient for the baby to come out and get in it, there is also an on base level indicator which further simplifies its installation, there is also a removable head support for the child making it a product designed with extra care for the child.


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Parents were generally happy but one of them had wished that the cup holders would be a bit large as to handle a no splill cup of the child. One of them felt that the colour of this stroller was a bit darker than what was projected online.

Finally it can be concluded that due to its rigorous testing methods the product is more trustworthy and ultimately has all sorts of comforts not only for the baby but also for the parent or the caregiver who operates and carries it.


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