If you are seeking best stroller for baby, than must consider following requirement to choose the Best Stroller for buy-

The persons using it

  • Child – How many children will be using the stroller? If there is more than one, you will need to check whether the stroller can fit the age, size and weight of each child.
  • Parent(s)/ guardian(s) – How tall are you? Are the handlebars of the stroller at a good height so that you can push it comfortably? How heavy can you manage to push and lift? If there is more than one user, take an average or take priority of the one using it most.

It would be ridiculous to expect to find one single stroller that is all-perfect, so the only thing to do is to pick the features that are most useful to you. All the features can be categorized into:
Safety features – 5-point harness, all-terrain wheels, safety clip-on system for car seats, foot-brakes, etc.
Comfort features – quality fabric, rain cover, mosquito cover, adjustable canopy, fully reclinable, etc.
Convenience features – removable snack tray, basket, one-hand fold, cup holder, adjustable handlebars, etc.
Some of the features or accessories such as the mosquito cover or cup holder don’t come with the stroller but you can buy them separately to add on to your stroller.

Your budget
Plan ahead to save money. If you have a small child and expecting another child soon, you might as well get a twin or double stroller, or one that can convert into a 2-seat stroller. You must realize now that one stroller is probably never going to fit all the occasions you need it for, and some strollers are of lesser quality that wear and tear soon if you use it very often, so be prepared to buy more than one.

If you can afford it, it is possible to get a luxury or high end stroller which is suitable for all terrains, fits baby from birth till older, and is adaptable to car seats. This will cost you several times more than the usual stroller, but you’ll only have to buy one.

Number of Wheels

When it comes to the number of wheels on a stroller, a rule of thumb is that four wheels are the best for stability and three wheels are best for manoeuvrability.

If you are intending to take your child out stroller-jogging, then the best option for you is, naturally, to choose a three-wheeled stroller. If, however, you are intending the stroller to be for every day use (which may entail climbing steps, catching buses etc), then a four-wheeled stroller is the most appropriate for you.

It’s a good idea to choose one with a front wheel that pivots. Strollers with fixed front wheels can have a habit of becoming misaligned (especially on joggers), and it is inconvenient to have to regularly repair this.


When it comes to colors, you may want to consider choosing a neutral tone. If you are planning on having more children, then you want a stroller that will be a suitable color for both boys and girls (for example, you probably wouldn’t want to push your son around in a bright pink stroller that you previously used for your daughter!).

Sun Protection

You will want to ensure, no matter what brand and type of stroller you choose, that the stroller provides adequate sun protection. Canopies or attachments will be required for the summer.

A mesh cover is recommended for a jogging stroller if you have a problem with mosquitoes in your area. Additionally, the mesh acts as extra sun protection.


Ensure that you choose a stroller with a seat that fully reclines so your child will be comfortable if he/she falls asleep.

You may want to test the seat belts to ensure they are comfortable, and the belt buckles to ensure they are reasonably easy to engage. Also, you will want to ensure that the carrying arm latch is easy to open and close.


It is also a good idea to ensure it has enough storage space for items such as bags and blankets.