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Every parent wishes that the double stroller that they use should be very light to carry and there should be maximum comfort to them and to their children. With the responsibility of two kids it becomes furthermore necessary that the double stroller selected would be of utmost benefits and features.


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 Listed below are the various factors that make this product a very preferred option:

 Travelling convenience

Due to an easy click and go adapter facility of this double stroller , it can be conveniently attached to different infant cars and after that receivers can be left to the same place when it is folded and reduced to small size for storage purposes. This feature of the Britax B-Agile stroller makes it a convenient option while travelling. Frequent travelers can opt for this type of a double stroller.

 Longer use possible

As the seats of this double strolled can lean back, Britax B Agile double stroller can be used right from the time the kid is born until they become toddlers or even after they surpass that age. Also these strollers come with a mesh window so that the parents through that window can keep an easy watch over the kids even from far off and the kids can enjoy good ventilation without feeling suffocated.

 Comfortable sitting

The seats of this stroller are very comfortable. Moreover since they are extremely soft and gentle, the child will feel free to move without the fear of getting injured.  The headpad is also very comfortable and results in smooth movement of the head as well. Even the handle bar which is very smooth has a wonderful grip and makes it easy for the parent to push it gently.

 Less bulky and compact design

BRITAX B-AGILE DOUBLE STROLLER would be a dream of any parent as due to being less bulky it can fit anywhere as desired. Due to a numerous features many double strollers are heavy weighted and pose a lot of problems in handling. But this particular stroller is of very light weight making it convenient to handle. It can be very conveniently kept in even a very limited space.


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The design is very simple making it attractive as well as easy to handle. There is an automated chassis lock which makes the stroller convenient to lock. Since there are slots and adequate pockets available, all the things that a kid or parent requires to handle kids would be easily placed and stored and could be got whenever wanted.


Many customers are mainly happy as this stroller is light weighted and is very convenient to use.  As many of them live in a house which may not be very spacious, this stroller comes as a boon. Another reason why parents are very happy using this product is that they feel that handling this stroller is not a complicated task. The use is very simple and doesn’t require any instructions that need to be followed. Due to these benefits of the product, the parents are extremely happy and satisfied spending their hard earned money on this product.


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Many people feel that the car seat arrangement of this double stroller is not proper. The handle tends to fall down while folding the stroller making it strainful to bend down again and again and picking it up. Also at times it becomes difficult and hard for the child to eat snacks as the snack tray is attached quite far. Many parents do feel that the space is a bit conjusted.

Finally the conclusion can be drawn that though there are some cons which may be overlooked because of a many good features that the product has to offer. Maximum customers are happy and satisfied with the product because of its easy handling and attractive looks.


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