Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

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Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

This is one of the top notch brand very popular amongst the parents. The main reason being its operation, convenience and the features that it has to offer. Smooth ride and easy to handle features make it popular. Apart from this, comfortable sitting and simple foldability make this a very worthy product.


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 The characteristics of Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller that make it one of the best options for parents to buy it


 Convenience of wheeling system

This stroller has three wheels affixed to it. Two at the back and one in front. The front wheel rotates easily in all directions making the stroller turn and twist in which manner desired.  The two wheels at the back are also very wide and can be maneuvered on any kind of surface. Furthermore the front wheel can also be locked in the forward position making the movement more convenient and as desired.

 Smooth  movements without any hurdles

The stroller’s roadholding, handling and braking systems are such that the movement on the road becomes smoother. At the same time parents can do walking or jogging and at the same time take care of their toddler as well. There are pull rings which can be fastened so as to protect the kid in a better way.


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 Succinct and easily foldable

Transportability of this stroller is not at all a problem. Due to the alloys that are used in its manufacturing, it bears a very light weight and can be easily folded and unfolded. Ever after it has been folded, the size becomes very succinct and make it easily transferable and conducive to smooth handling.


 Adaptable Accessories

All the accessories are easily changeable and easy to handle. For example: The seats can be easily leaned back thereby making the sitting positions very adaptable. Even the hanging covers that are fixed are easily adjustable and can be changed as per the desire of the parent. These hanging covers called canopies can be easily moved as per the climatic conditions. For example in case of excessive heat they can be covered fully to protect the child from sun.


 Other  features

All the things can be easily organized as there are two pockets and a basket available to keep things like baby’s diapers, handkerchiefs, water bottles or milk sippers.There is a car seat adapter which can be used with an accessory adapter. This can enable a better alignment of the stroller with other car seats.A manual brake is also provided near the back wheels.



Many mothers liked the Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller because of various  reasons: The most prominent ones being the attractive layout of the stroller, convenient features and convenience of use, excellent fabric, valcro straps, adjustable canopies, Excellent, easy turns and twists.


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Every product has a certain limitation. Hence the main problems that were found are that this stroller is not fit for tall kids.  Since the handle bar is not adjustable, the parent might have to hunch down to fold it or unfold it which can be inconvenient. Also one major issue was the absence of cup holders.


 However the merits of this stroller overshadow the limitations. The simplicity of its usage, attractive colour and design and the comfort level of the kids should be primarily kept in mind and in all these parameters the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller scores high.


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