What Should I Look For In The Booster Car Seats

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Has your child outgrown the limits of the convertible car seat? Well, it is time you looked for the booster car seats. These car seats are available in both backless models and the ones with back support. As specified by the name, booster seats boost the positioning of your baby in such a way that the safety belt of your vehicle fits well on your baby.
You might feel that since your baby is considerably big you need not be specific on the features of your booster seat. This is not true. A booster seat that can’t keep your baby steady is in no way ensuring safety during a crash. You can look for a few features in your toddler booster seat before paying for it. Do you know why a child needs a booster car seat?
If you are not confident about using the car safety belt to secure your baby tight to the booster, look for booster seats for toddlers that come with the five-point harness system. Depending on the model you choose, the weight and height limits for using the harness system might vary. But this is always a safe option as you can be extra sure that your baby fits properly on the booster car seat. You will find it more convenient if the harness system is placed in the front.

When is my child ready for a booster Car seat?

The high back booster car seats will offer greater comfort for your child. These can give better support for your child’s body. Also, studies show that children in backless booster seats have a higher probability of suffering from injuries during side crash when compared to children in high back boosters. Make sure that the headrest, seat and side wings are padded properly and are made of material that is soft to touch.
Do not choose your toddler booster car seats just because it is the costliest available. You might in fact be chalking out a good amount for an inferior product. Speak to other parents; check out some customer reviews and ratings of different products. You can always look for additional features like cup holders, flip-up arm rests, easy-care fabrics etc but those should not be the priority when selecting the booster seat for your child.
Fix the booster seat into your vehicle and see if it fits your vehicle properly. Try pushing as well as pulling it. The ideal booster seat for your baby should not budge more than about one inch. You can further make your child sit on the booster seat, secure your child on to the booster as per the instructions on the manual and make required adjustments to see if your vehicle seat belt fits your child properly.
Also, never buy a used booster. Second hand products can be dangerous. A used booster seat could have been in a crash previously making it more vulnerable. Even small accidents can cause structural damages to the material that are not visible to the human eye.

Best Car Seat Buying Guide

There have been numerous instances where a car seat which was recalled due to defects was sold on second hand basis. If you happen to purchase a booster seat which has defects, you would obviously not receive any recall notice as the as the product will not be registered in your name.
Every product has an expiry period after which the material of the product becomes weak. Look for the expiry period or date of the booster you are planning to purchase. Booster seats as they are made of plastic degrades and become brittle over time causing formation of cracks and other structural defects in the unit. Often manufacturers keep the product in the store till it expires. You would not want to invest in a booster seat that is not going to last a fortnight.
Always make sure that the instruction manual is easy to understand. Simple step by step instructions are easy to understand. This will be helpful to other family members if they need to handle the booster seat in your absence. In case you feel comfortable regarding a booster car seat but is not satisfied with its performance – may be it has some defects that was not visible initially or your child is somehow not comfortable sitting on the booster seat – you would need a replacement. Check for the manufacturer’s return policy before purchasing the booster seat.
Of the many booster seats available, the Britax frontier 85 combination booster car seat seems to have gained excellent ratings and reviews form customers. These boosters from Britax have all the essential features to make it the ideal choice for you and your baby. These front facing multi functional car seats offers an upper weight limit of 85 pounds for toddlers and 120 pounds for children.
A good look at the Britax frontier 85 reviews would convince you that these booster car seats from Britax are the best when it comes to safety and comfort of your child.

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