The First Years Jet Stroller

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Are you having a baby and you do travel a lot? If it is true then you should suffer no more because the first years jet stroller is here to take the load off your back. Those parents who have had a test of it were never disappointed as it provided them with exactly what they wanted. It is a great choice especially if you travel a lot and don’t want the hassles of carrying your huge stroller with you. This is because this stroller folds easily, lightweight and above all it is very much comfortable for your little one.

The first years jet stroller has got some excellent features that make it brilliant choice for your lovely little one. The following are some of those features:

First, it has an adjustable canopy but it lacks the viewing window. Even though the canopy is not as large as other models, but it is still capable of protecting your child from the elements like rain and hot sun. The canopy is removable and you are at liberty to fold it back whenever you feel like. Secondly, it also comes with a parent’s tray which is very much essential for holding such small items like car keys and even boarding passes. Thirdly, even though its handle bar is not adjustable, but it is taller therefore tall parents like dads don’t have problems pushing it. And finally, it has a unique and wonderful one hand fold feature that enables it to be easy to handle if your hands are full. The first years jet stroller has got a unique feature which it can only be identified with and not any other model of a stroller. And that is an adjustable five point harness that makes your lovely baby safer and secure at all times.

Wheels, Handles and Brakes

The first years jet stroller comes fitted with larger wheels, at six in diameter and there are two sets of double wheels fitted both at the front and the back. This enables it to be easily moved on all surfaces like; dirty surface, grass and asphalt. As mentioned earlier, the handlebars sit up taller which makes it comfortable for those parents who are tall. It also comes with the rear brakes which are easily engaged just by a tap of your foot. All you need to do is simply to push the red lever down on each set of wheels and it will lock instantly into the place you want it.


In as much as it is having some great features, the canopy is lacking the most important thing and that is viewing window. It will force you to either push the canopy back or bend down for you to check on your baby. This might not be of great importance but it is better to see your child as you are pushing the stroller.

Also, there are no cup holders for parents, this normally inconvenient those parents who are fond of drinking coffee or lattes. And another disadvantage of the first years jet stroller is that, it lacks a child tray. Meaning it is only good for younger kids but as they are growing older, they will need things like snacks, toys and drinks to keep them busy.

In conclusion, most consumers who have bought this fantastic stroller are very much pleased with it and they have rated it very high. If you have not buy one, you may order one today from those trusted dealers like the our site.

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