Baby Monitor Buying Guide

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Our featured content of this Baby Monitor Buying Guide is baby monitors and what to look for when looking to purchase your next baby monitor.  We have put together a short buying guide for you today.
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What to Look for in the Best Baby Monitors?

Parents of babies buy baby monitors to give them some additional freedom and peace of mind. With a monitor and receiver, it is possible to travel around the house while staying within clear earshot of the nursery. If you are shopping for one of these handy devices, you will want to be sure that the product you buy offers clear reception and a long battery life.
What to Look for in a Good Battery Monitors
A baby monitor comes with two parts. You have the actual monitor and a wireless receiver. The monitor has a microphone to pick up noises coming from a baby’s room. The receiver is what you need to hear those sounds on.
You can also purchase electric monitors, but it is handier to have battery-powered ones. That way, you can move around the house without having to worry about always staying near an electric outlet.
Besides choosing between batteries and electricity, you also need to choose a model that has clear reception. Some users of cheaper devices complain because their monitor generates static and gets subject to interference from other electronic devices. This won’t be handy if you want to use your monitor near your computer, cell phone, or other devices.
Some newer monitors even come video as well as audio. However, if the model does not have good reception, the images may be very blurry. Worse yet, some people have reported picking up images from their neighbor’s baby monitors. That will only be useful if you want to check on your neighbor’s baby, but you are more likely to be concerned about the welfare of your own child.
If you do decide to get a battery-powered model, you might just want to get a battery-powered receiver. This is especially true if the baby will almost always sleep in a specific room such as a nursery. You will only have to worry about the battery-life of your receiver, and it might mean that you will not need to buy and stock as many batteries.
Also, be sure to compare the expected battery life of different models before you make a purchase. Batteries can get expensive, and it is also inconvenient to have to keep them stocked up in your house. Besides, it is also inconvenient to constantly have to change batteries in your device because it keeps running out of juice.

What Kind of Baby Monitor is Best?

Your right choice of baby monitor will probably depend upon the size of your home, your budget, and how much you intend to use it. While you can find many decent and affordable monitors, you can also end up spending over $100 for a deluxe model with lots of extra features.
Before investing in a monitor, it is a good idea to shop around for good deals. Also, read reviews on shopping and parenting sites to learn more from the experiences of other parents who have already purchased any model you are considering.
What Attributes Do the Best Baby Monitors Have?
If you are a new parent, you have probably never considered shopping for a baby monitor before. These days, you can find both audio and even audio/visual monitors. That means that you can both hear or see and hear what goes on in your baby’s nursery.
Of course, the more features that you want, the more you are likely to pay. A decent audio-only monitor will be cheaper than a model that also delivers video. In either case, it is very important to purchase a decent model.
Audio and Visual Baby Monitor Reception
The most important thing is to make sure you buy a model with very good reception. These devices work by transmitting signals from the actual monitor to a receiver that you can take with you to different rooms of the house. If your have a lot of problems with interference from other electronic devices, you won’t really get very good use out of your device.
Battery Life of Baby Monitors
Battery life is another big consideration if you decide to purchase battery-powered models. It really is worth it to buy a more expensive model that has a longer battery life. If you save a few dollars on your first purchase and end up spending more than that on batteries, it won’t provide a good value. Besides, it is inconvenient and annoying to have to constantly change batteries and make sure that you are always stocked up.
Do you have a large house? You also need to consider the reception range. While one monitor might be fine for a 1,500 square foot apartment, it might not be good enough if you live in a 4,000 square foot house with two or three stories. If you decide to get a video monitor, reception is very important because you might suffer from fuzzy images and even images transmitted from monitors in other people’s houses or apartments!
How to Learn More About Baby Monitors?
Lots of good eCommerce stores list the details and prices of a variety of different kinds. Remember that you have to choose between electric and battery powered. You also have to choose between monitors that only broadcast audio signals and those that can also broadcast a video signal.
Of course, the descriptions of these monitors will always praise the products. How can you find out if they really work as well as advertised?
One good solution is to check out the reviews provided on shopping sites. Besides that, you can probably find plenty of discussions about different baby monitors on the message boards of websites that are devoted to parenting.
Buying a good baby monitor can be a great investment. It can help give you the freedom of the house because you can keep an eye on your child from anywhere. However, if you buy the wrong model, it can become a source of frustration. Buying the right monitor might take a bit of shopping around to be certain that you will be satisfied with your choice.

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